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Please let me know how the 155's go. Because I agree with you mine shoots 150's like a shot gun, no matter what load or powder which I have tried 4 different powders and about 16 different 150 loads.
I did some shooting this weekend with my Savage 10 TR and I found the 155gr Hornady Steel Match rounds to be surprisingly good. I shot the whole box of 50 and got some very tight groups, some less than 1/2 MOA, with the average being about 3/4 MOA at 100 yards. I paid $42 for the box of 50. I pay $28 for a 20 round box of 175 or 168gr Federal SMK's and get about the same results. A lot of people are posting some poor reviews on the Hornady Steel match bullets about having bad primers or feeding issues. I didn't run into a single issue the whole day with them. Very good for the money! I also shot some Winchester 180gr Bonded hollow points and they shot ok. My buddy also brought his 10 TR to the range and shot some Federal 7.62X51 NATO ball 147gr ammo to zero his gun since he had just bought it, and he actually was getting some 1" groups with it. I was very impressed.
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