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Mosin project "Complete"

i just wanted to note im basically giving up on archangel and their stock, they are no longer keeping in contact with me, and have not shipped my order (placed in march) and its just BS. i may get one someday but im done waiting for them to get there stuff together.

anyway this is my notice to those who have been following the project.
currently BL (black lighting ) is completed, and successfully proved my original concept

A mosin nagant 91/30 with improved accuracy with bolt on parts that did not require a gunsmith OR permanent modification to the rifle. and swappable stock to original condition

was completed earlier this year

A mosin nagant that was designed to be a target rifle out to 300+ yards
the project initially started with the addition of the RSI (rock solid industries mount + bolt handle)

-issue with bolt handle can be corrected with die grinder or a gunsmith(were it hits the top rear corner of the mounts underside.
NOTE:the bolt does not need modification just swap out parts like a regular disassemble

-SCOPE: barksa 2nd gen sniper scope (needs to handle mosin) success with 600 rounds down barrel and no loss of zero. i would recommend the scope without the sun shade so you can get flip covers, but the shade does function well

-muzzle brake: MOSIN PLUS BRAKE (45-40$) for 91/30 only
the price is if you have a front sight or not
very effective, and is more functional than the Barrett look alike brake, video to come to give further info

-stock : stayed with the boyds feather thumb-hole stock, very effective and accuracy did improve in part 1 due to this

all in all its affordable to make a nice rifle at a low cost and the dual parts gives you the choice of modification or permanent modification

but mainly this is a guide of my experience and what i feel are reliable parts and features for the mosin nagant.
the project has been completed successfully and im now moving onto the HOWA shinsetsu project. i will still keep active posts on the mosin and how it fairs, and show and demo shoots or videos that i do with it

-So thanks for following the project, and i hope ive at least helped a few of you out there, while on this journey. A big thanks to those who've been active in the project topic and helped me when i needed recommendations they were a big help,and also giving resources for parts and accessories. So i cant thank you all enough for being there with me and BL. i hope this serves as a guide for those, with thoughts of tinkering with a mosin or at least a reference resource. ill keep posting with updates and pics on events and such that BL is in. if you have questions on anything just ost or PM, i have no problem answering, im usually there helping with those new to the mosin in there threads.

(pics of mosin and howa)

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