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I clean my guns from time to time.

Many of us learned about gun care from our fathers or grandfathers. Some of our fathers (if you're old enough) and many of our grandfathers, served during WWII, when ammunition was very corrosive and DEMANDED regular, frequent cleaning after use. Guns could literally freeze up in a day or so, if left inactive after firing. Those GIs were brainwashed to clean frequently and well. Ammunition is generally NOT corrosive, nowadays -- unless you're shooting milsurp ammo.

The whole situation can be compared to the old practice of changing auto oil every 1000 miles (which was the standard when I started taking care of a car many years ago); now, the factory calls for changing oil every 5000-7000 miles. *(Oil technology has improved, as have engines...) But you can still change that oil every 1000 miles, if you like -- it won't hurt anything but your pocketbook.

I've had more than one gunsmith tell me they thought some guns got more wear from being cleaned frequently than from shooting.

You do what you've got to do when it comes to guns and their cleaning -- or you do what makes you feel best... but don't fool yourself that the GUN needs the frequent cleaning. It's YOU who need to clean the gun. <grin>
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