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.22 LR S&W Revolver and/or Colt Diamondback .22LR
.22 LR Ruger auto
.38spl S&W Mdl 10 (I prefer a heavy barrel), MODEL 15 .38spl or Model 19 .357
.45acp cOLT 1911
.22LR S&W Model 41, or High Standard, Ruger, Colt Woodsman or Browning Medalist target pistol
S&W or Colt snubnose .38

Finally, (if you really must) a Glock or SA XD or S&W M&P high capacity or a Beretta 92

And, on and on... I could dump a pretty hefty part of a lottery win into handguns that I "JUST HAVE TO HAVE"....
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