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RRL Two Weeks in ...

You all have raised some interesting questions on my earlier post. And I'll try and answer as best I can.

I see by Big D's response, he seems unimpressed by a mere two week survey. Regrettably, it's difficult to do a longer one with a gun that hasn't been out that long. I am simply providing a review from someone who is not a paid gunwriter, and has actually shot one of these guns, as I have yet to hear comments from someone who has actually tried the reissue RRL. Perhaps I should simply keep what actual experience I have to myself, but I thought you all may appreciate ... actual experience based observations.

To explain my comment on the wood to metal finish, in considering the various guns, I noted that on the new RRL the wood to metal fit on the forend and at the receiver was such that there was a little overlap ... the metal is a little deeper than the wood such that the wood extends "higher" than the metal furniture. I looked a several Brownings and Beretta silver pigeons as well, and noted that they did the same, the only thing being that their wood overfits were less pronounced than on the RRL. I ended up selecting a 28" bbl version, as I though this would be a good overall gun for all my shooting.

Finally, as to patterning, yes, I intend to do that, but at the end of the day, this is primarily a field gin for me, and at trap, skeet, and sporting clays which I have tried since getting the gun, I have used the IC and MOD chokes, as I do in the field, and seem to be hitting a consistent 80%, so I haven't felt the need to pattern the gun yet.

For the moment, the gun locks up tight, but opens easily, shoots where I point, destroys the clays, and generally cleans up nice.

I'll report again after Dove season reopens on the Texas Gulf Coast, but of course, that will be information from one hunt, and therefore, possible of little significance.
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