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My New Pietta 1858 Review

This is my new unfired Pietta 1858 in .44 made in 2011, originally sold by Cabelas.
I purchased it new/unfired a couple of weeks ago, Well it was new/unfired.
Bluing is very nice, I would say not as nice as most Uberti's, but close.
Metal fit and finish is great, the brass to steel fit is near perfect. The bottom of the trigger was sharp so it got stoned smooth along with a bit of rough on the edges of the trigger hole in the brass trigger guard.
Wood fit is pretty good but could be a bit better, just a bit proud at the top of the back strap.
Trigger pull was #4+ with much creep, actually had a little bit of creep then stopped and then more creep until it broke.
I stoned all the moving parts and recut the angle on the trigger, Pull is now #2.5 with zero creep and breaks clean.
For caps, Remington #10 fit perfect, CCI #10 are to tight and do not seat all the way down, CCI #11 fall right off.
Initially the revolver shot 4" low @ 25yds, a bit of filing on the front sight and elevation is dead on, however it shoots 3.5" left.
I will have to have the barrel indexed proper or have the barrel cut for a dovetail front sight.
Cylinder locks up frog butt tight and timing is pretty darn good but not perfect.
Grooves Slug .451
Chambers Mic .446 for all 6

This Bad Boy can shoot :-*
At the range other shooters where just amazed that a BP revolver could shoot such good groups, this thing makes me look good.
Overall I am one Happy Camper.

.454 RB, home cast from a LEE mold.
30gr. 777 FFF
Wonder Wad under ball

This is the very first group fired at 25yds.
This was 6 rounds @ 1.45"

This is the last group fired at 25yds.
This was 8 rounds @ 1.27"

Today is my Best Day.
Lincoln, Ca.

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