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Agree completely with BirchOrr's post.

At present, I own two inlines(had three) that will shoot Powerbelts very accurately. Have killed deer with no issue using both of them using the 245grn. copper series Aerotip PB with a 90 gr. charge.
Have never had issue with accuracy nor fragmentation on deer out to about 120yds.

I will say that with the PB's, I have experienced more 'flyers' using charges getting into the magnum range starting at about 110-115grns. and on up. But as long as I stay around 90-100grns., they are hard to beat out of these two rifles for deer.

I know time is of the essence but you really do need to get out at least a day prior to season and do your best to see where you're hitting at the distance you'll likely be shooting. But like BirchOrr eluded to, PB's will do the job just fine with a well placed shot. Deer are not that hard to kill.

Good luck...and when ya kill that deer with the PB you can go back and tell 'that guy' you threw a rock at it and killed it.

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