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BDC dots and iPad ballistic apps & Barska

So...I have this new 260. It's a Tikka T3 Stainless with a custom barrel and boy howdy it shoots great. And on the rifle is a Burris 4.5-14 scope. Nothing special, but I really do like it. The question I've been asking myself is what ranges are the BDC dots for. You can calculate it, but I hadn't ever proven to myself that the 'dot distances' were correct. I have the iSnipe App on the iPad and it gives the downrange ballistics (great app) and I have the iStrelok App also. The iStrelok will take your ballistic data and match it up to the BDC on your specific scope. You just tell it what scope and it'll show you your reticle with yardages (or meters) next to the BDC dots. Pretty cool....but is it correct? I just happen to have hay bales that are 250 from a hay field blind and 350, and those correspond to the first two dots. So, off I go, gun in hand - along with a lot of other stuff, including a Barska spotting scope (yeah, I know it's cheap and trashy). Got up in the blind, opened the windows, got snuggled into the stock and put the 250 yard rounds right into the bullseye, using dot number 1. Wow. Then off to the 350 haybale, which is the second BDC dot. The bullets landed right beside the 250 yard shots. Amazing. So...iSnipe and iStrelok are something you need.

As for the Barska spotting scope, I could easily see the 250 yard bullet holes but could only see them at 350 (faintly) because I knew where they were (rode over there on the 4Wheeler).

I'm going to have BDC lines added to my Leupold scope that's on the 270. Gotta do it.
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