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I have looked at all three of those sites, however, none seemed to answer my particular questions.

Thanks for all your helpful answers-I'm glad that you are the resident expert. As such, I hope you won't mind me asking a few more clarifying questions.

I know in some states, there must be a certain type of sign designating it as legally Gun Free. In this situation would the church need any sign, only one on the whole property or on each individual building? Is there a database to look at online to find out or does my father-in-law just have to go and see; or does he specifically have to ask? Also, in the event that they don't allow handguns, I know some states don't have force of law and the only thing you can be cited with is trespassing-is this true of California?

I did read that there is no force of law, but I beleive that may be referring to CCW, not this particular situation.
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