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And now we see just how misguided was the gambit for FOID carry.

On 10-JUL-13, Plaintiffs moved Federal District Court Judge Stiehl: "... to forthwith and no later than July 16, 2013 (i) declare the challenged laws barring the public carrying of firearms by law-abiding citizens unconstitutional, and (ii) enter a preliminary and/or permanent injunction barring said laws' enforcement ...". Sixteen days later the Court dismissed the motion "for lack of subject matter jurisdiction" and, on 05-AUG-13, Plaintiffs appealed seeking "... reversal of the district court's order and a remand instructing the district court forthwith to enter the declaratory and injunctive relief they are entitled to under this Court's decision in Moore".

With that as background, the Posner panel re-convenes; not to adjudicate the Motion regarding continued enforcement of the state's longstanding prohibition on the bearing of arms but, rather, to address a "gripe ... that the state is dragging its heels in bringing its new, concealed-carry law into line with our ruling." Really?!!

Plaintiff's, I dare say, couldn't care less about 430 ILCS 66; the issue is 720 ILCS 5/24-1.

If you don't like the answer then just re-phrase the question, eh Judge?
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