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to sparemag

Well, my "care and feeding" post was incredibly helpful to me, so since no good deed goes unpunished...

I am interested in expanding my BP experience to include pistols.

I am blissfully ignoring my total lack of knowledge.

I am also a fan of "Hell on Wheels" so a Griswold replica would be way cool for me, but the stickie here warns against brass-framed revolvers. This makes sense to me, so I am probably dropping a Griswold, sadly, from consideration.

So, criteria:
1: something that I would have to work really hard to screwup

The eaisest for you would likely be the .44 cal 1858 Remington. It comes in variations look them up.
Otherwise a 1851/ 1860 colt in 44 cal

2: economical -meaning $500 or less - this is strictly a toy for me, not a SD weapon

Normally around $300 or less for a quality Pietta or Uberti brand

3: some historical interest. I saw one Cabela's offering with the selling point it was the model carried by John Wesley Hardin. Interesting, but not the weapon karma I am seeking.

both Used in Civil War and by Several historical figures.

4: ability to get a spare cylinder for it at a reasonable price. Clint Eastwood was changing barrels without looking in...Josie Wales? That is the kind of cool I would love to be able to emulate. What was Wales' revolver?

He was changing cylinders, not barrels. With practice you can swap one out without looking and quickly.
Average $40 to $80 for a spare.
He switched back and forth 36 cal colt navy, 1860 44 colts and1858 Remingtons and the colt Dragoons. Depends on the movie he was in.

5: a base understanding of what else I need to factor in...such as a bullet press, which is not needed for a rifle. But what else? I know I will need a different powder than the 2F I am using now.

most use .454 round ball some use Lee 45-200 conical. and others
Store bought are usually swaged and more expensive.
I sell hand cast reasonably priced in various calibers.
Don't need a press you can do it on the gun.
You would need a FFFG powder or equivalent in Pyrodex, 777 etc.
You will need #10 percussion caps
Some type of lube or mix your own.
Possibly some wads .... I also cut and sell these.

6: something iconically American, I think, though a replica German revolver would be French arms need apply

Remingtons and Colts are both American

7: country of mfg is not important, but prefer to avoid China. Not for any political reason, but if the country can't make baby formula, I don't have warm-fuzzies about sporting weapons that can remove fingers or eyes. yeah, I know, the type 54 is great...thanks, will stick with my Russian SKS.

Almost all current black powder replicas are made in Italy

Ummm..that should cover it! From my surfing, it appears Italy is my country mfg of choice--or no choice, for I see no one else producing cheap BP pistols, but please educate me.

What am I missing or not thinking through?

Powder measure, adjustable or fixed, maybe a capper.
PM me if you want. we can communicate by my email after.
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