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ClydeFrog, the term "blood stripe" is a Marine Corps reference. The blood stripe is a strip of red fabric sewn onto each trouser leg of the dress uniform of Marine NCOs and officers. It commemorates the Marine NCOs and officers lost during the Battle of Chapultepec.

It's only worn by NCOs and officers. It's a proud tradition in the Marine Corps to receive your blood stripe when promoted to Corporal. There is a rather brutal hazing ritual called "blood-striping" that goes along with it, but it's embraced by most Marines as a rite of passage into the non-commissioned officer ranks.

EDIT: I realize I made it sound like there's some ceremony to receive the blood stripe when promoted. There's not. What I meant was that receiving the right to wear a blood stripe is a proud moment. Also, upon promotion to Corporal you'll often later see the new Corporal disappear along with all the other NCOs in his platoon. After that, he'll be limping for a few days...
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