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If you like the half round barrel of the Griswold & Gunnison, but are considering dropping that idea because of the brass frame, I would suggest you get a steel frame 1851 and then look on ebay for the half round Griswold barrel. The octagonal barrel 1851 and the half round barrel Griswold and Gunnison are the same revolver, except for the half round barrel of the Griswold. So you can get a steel frame 1851 and simply swap out the barrel for a half round Griswold. I'd suggest you make sure they are both from the same maker though, so that the pin holes will more likely align. However, you can file out the pin holes to make them fit if they are slightly off from the barrel being made by a different maker.
Heck just get a Leech & Rigdon and be done with it.
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