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I have to work on Saturday, but might make it on Sunday. Can't afford to buy anything right now so I'd just be browsing. $7 to park is getting a little rediculous! I suppose you have to look at the parking fee as an admission fee and then it doesn't hurt so bad.

The continued OGCA use of the I-X center is in question due to its sale to the City of Cleveland. Cleveland claims it needs to tear down the I-X center to allow airport expansion. However, the agreement with the seller stipulates that the building must remain operational for the next ten years. Also, the Cuyahoga County commissioners are not real happy with holding <ohmygod> gunshows on its property. I suppose the only saving grace is that OGCA shows are closed to the general public. The commissioners have already banned further gun shows at the county fairgrounds in Berea. Time to start looking to find a new site. Anybody know of some large riding arenas?

One of these days I'm going to have to make a trip down to Tusco for a match.
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