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On the eleventh of the month Texas Brigade was ordered to Staunton to reinforce Stonewall Jackson. Early in the day General Hood halted each regiment in turn, and gave his orders. To the Fourth he said, "Soldiers of the Fourth: I know as little of our destination as you do. If, however, any of you learn or suspect it, keep it a secret. To everyone who asks questions, answer, 'I don't know." we are now under the orders of General Jackson, and I repeat them to you. I can only tell you further, that those of you who stay with the command on this march will witness and participate in grand events."

General Jackson gave strict orders against depredating on private property. Apples were plentiful, and it was contrary to nature not to eat them. Jackson saw a Texan sitting on the limb of an apple tree, busily engaged in filling his haversack with the choicest fruit. He reined in his old sorrel horse, and in his customary curt tone, asked, "What are you doing in that tree, sir?" "I don't know," replied the Texan. "What command do you belong to?" "I don't know." "Is your command ahead or behind you?" "I don't know." And thus it went on -- the same "I don't know" was given as answer to every question. Finally, Jackson asked, "Why do you give me that answer to every question?" "Cause thems the orders our Gineral gin us, this morning,' and' he tole us he got 'em that er way, straight from ole Jackson," replied the man in the tree, and disgusted with a too literal obedience to his own commands, but yet not caring to argue the point, General Jackson rode on.
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