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I’m posting to this thread as the Savage Model 10 is at the top of my list for a long range .308. However, I have always been totally confused by all the letters behind the 10. Below is a list of what is on the Savage Web Site. There is no TR listed at all. No where on the Savage site do they explain what all the letters stand for. All the model 10's below are listed under LE on their web site. Can someone enlighten me on what all the letters stand for? Would any of these models work better for someone that just wants to reach out to maybe 300 yards for groupings, or would all these models shoot the same?

10 BA
10 FCM Scout
10/110 FCP HS Precision
10 FCP-K
10 FCP McMillan
10 FP-SR
10 Precision Carbine
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