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Originally Posted by shortwave
If you think a certain act is immoral and post that you don't want that act performed on your property, I then come to your house and perform that act , do I have a right to do so cause I don't think the act is immoral?
If you have to come to my house and there is a danger to you I know of and will not mitigate then yes. Otherwise no. Remember the context and don't pain it with too broad a brush.

Originally Posted by shortwave
and then possibly being a convicted felon and not even being legal to have a gun at your house the rest of your life to protect your family and probably not being able to find further employment cause of the felony.
Still...or be dead or injured seriously for life? Which would you honest and I'm talking about the odds being very good that you will face that danger.

BTW in what states is it a felony to carry at work? At least if you have a legal permit. Now, as I said before I am not talking about carrying in the Pentagon but a stop and rob. Again, keep it in context.

Originally Posted by shortwave
As has been stated before "there is always a choice".
Life is full of them in most every waking moment.
And as I have stated before I reject that all "choices" that are coerced or the outcomes so draconian are real (from a moral perspective).
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