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True, but I'm not sure in some cases there is a real choice
As has been stated before "there is always a choice".
Life is full of them in most every waking moment.

I would say that since the rule is immoral there is no obligation to obey it
I would say that just because you think a rule is immoral does not make it so to everyone. Especially since you are on private property while at work that you have no obligation to be there and have no choice in the rules set forth by the company. Of course, unless you own the company.

If you think a certain act is immoral and post that you don't want that act performed on your property, I then come to your house and perform that act , do I have a right to do so cause I don't think the act is immoral? And that you are immoral for having the rule you do.
Would you throw me off your property? Or would you accept the fact that you think the acts immoral, I don't so it's okay.
Do I have the right to come on your property and deceive you and perform that act?

Is the choice of death or serious lifelong injury better than possible jail time...
...and then possibly being a convicted felon and not even being legal to have a gun at your house the rest of your life to protect your family and probably not being able to find further employment cause of the felony.

I finished it for ya.

Again life is full of choices. There are some states/places that getting caught cc'ing while at work would probably only get you fired. Then there are places of employment that getting caught cc'ing could just as easily get you a felony rap.

I guess one has to weigh the possibility of needing a gun at work with the consequences for getting caught.
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