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Growing up, in the 70's, we went camping every weekend of each season as it opened.
Opening weekend of dove, camping started Friday night, went to sunday.
Same for bow season, squirrell, and deer gun season too.

My dad had several friends who were non hunters, but were in the same ham radio club, they would come out and camp, they either pitched thir own tent, or slept in their on cars or station wagons.

They came to enjoy the friendship, and family time that we all shared.

While we were hunting, one or 2 would hang around camp, enjoying the time in the woods, their own way of enjoying nature.
Once or twice one of them expressed an interest in trying to actually hunt, they bought their own license, but everything else was provided willfully by my dad.

He would loan them a gun, ammo, hunters orange, and put them on his best spot, where they would be most likely to bag a deer.

Some were successful, some were not, some just stayed around camp the next time, but one enjoyed it so much, he bagged a nice buck on his first time out. He was hooked, by the next time he had his own gun, clothes, and assorted equipment, my dad took the time to teach him how to track deer, understand their habits, their rut, and other aspects of hunting, and Danny went on to become a very avid hunter.

He may be a PITA, but at least give him a sporting chance..
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