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There is something to auditory exclusion. I've been in a few firefights and didn't remember or have any perception of injury to the ears but I've shot down a pheasant w/o protection and I had a ringing in my ears afterward.
That's not to say you did not cause damage even though you did not percieve it. I had this discussion with my ENT (Ear Nose Throat doctor), and he explained that auditory exclusion is 100% mental and does absolutely nothing to protect your ears. There are little microscopic cochlear hair cells in your ears that pick up sound and send signals to your brain. When your ears are exposed to loud noises pressure waves hit these hairs and can damage them and in worse case scenarios kill them. If any of these hairs die that is what causes noise induced tinnitus and hearing loss.

I'm not going to debate you, Dragline, but I will say that I disagree to some extent, as I know the difference in ears ringing and ears NOT ringing. If the ears are ringing for several minutes, and yet at other times, acute hearing is not lost, SOMETHING was different, call it what you will. And I believe that something protects the hearing on those occasions. (And though you may use different terminology, I figure adrenaline plays a part...)
You can believe all you want but doctors have proven exactly what you think happens does not occur. If you don't believe me make an appointment with an ENT and they will confirm it for you.

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