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Any well run reenactment allows NOTHING down the barrel but the powder - no paper, no wads -NUTHIN! In fact, ramrods are left in camp to prevent such a thing - and the possibility of sending a ramrod down the field. Even a felt wad over a powder chargein a revolvercan cause damage if some "yokel" decides to do it and aim his weapon at a person and let it go - the obvious is eye damage not to mention the possibility of the wad entering soft tissue - lead, paper or felt -it's a projectile.
Sounds like a good plan to me. I've seen a flex rod go through a one inch sheet of plywood and stick in a fir tree.

The proverbial dum dum...

Double charge and a wad, done. A little cruel... I like it. But it will probably backfire on you!

Personally I just make the hunt as miserable as possible. For instance... on my property there's a massive cherry tree and most of the year there are so many bees in it you can both see and hear it move from several hundred feet away.

That's where I would put his tree stand.

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