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The public range I go to is run by the county parks & rec. dept. it's always clean and well maintained. 2 bucks per vehicle to enter (on the honor system) I love it. However, I made the mistake of going on a weekend 2 Sundays ago, NEVER again, way too many idiots.

Some bozo decided to appoint himself range master, which was fine because it was nice to have someone call cold at timed intervals. My problem was that he apparently knew nothing about range etiquette. He called a cease fire, I went down quick, grabbed my targets and told him I was leaving. Then, walked over to my gun and put the lens caps on my scope, and proceeded to start putting my stuff (notebook, targets, etc) into my bag. The 'range master' gives me the "eh, eh, uh" (shakes his finger) I asked him what was wrong and he said I wasn't being safe because there were people down range. So, I tapped on the bright yellow chamber flag sticking out of my gun, and pointed out to him that I was the ONLY one at the range who actually removed my bolt and inserted a flag anytime people were down range, then asked him why he hadn't said anything about that!, he replied that I needed to stay away from my bench because I wasn't being safe! Never again on a weekend, I'll stick to midweek when I'm usually all alone.

Even alone (or with 1 or 2 others) I always remove the bolt and put in the flag. I don't want to get shot, particularly with my own gun.
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