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357 Sig

Originally Posted by RX-79G View Post
Whether it is true or not, I'm a bit shocked that you've been on internet boards this long and never heard that people believe that 9mm over penetrates, Brian.

It really doesn't matter if it is true or not. If someone believes that, it is going to influence their view of other 9mm diameter rounds. That's what I was getting at.

Did you use some sort of glue with your .357 Sig loads, or have the original set back problems from the small case neck surface area get fixed somehow?
Well, I guess I can't say I've "never" heard it but it's certainly the OPPOSITE of what I typically hear if someone is arguing against 9mm and I don't recall having heard it, certainly not common.

"If someone believes it" it may influence their decision but that doesn't mean we don't question it when we see it, since it isn't true.

In terms of loading the Sig, there are a variety of ways to prevent setback. Note first that properly sized cases solve the problem in most instances. Factory ammo doesn't use any special tricks to prevent setback, it's just made correctly.
A reloader can also use compressed charges to further prevent it.
Lee Factory Crimp die can help if used correctly.

In any case, it's nothing particularly special or difficult.
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