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357 Sig

Originally Posted by kcub View Post
2 Texas DPS officers had to shoot back at a man in up high in an 18 wheeler cab. One officer used a .45 and they did not penetrate the cab door. The other officer had the then new .357 Sig which got through that steel cab door and ended the fight. Most agencies that use .357 Sig are happy with them.
There are important reasons for standardized testing of ammunition. Vehicle doors are not single pieces, in a uniform shape, etc. They are constructs, with variance inside and out. The .45 may well have hit a cross beam in the door that the .357 Sig missed.

I'm not a ".45 guy", and I don't dislike .357 Sig. I'm simply pointing out that we have to be objective, and consider variables that come into play.

There are MANY questions that come into play when we try to determine which rounds are the best fit for our purpose. Likely context of use is a huge one. As a private citizen, what percentage of encounters are likely to involve shooting through auto material? That's just one of many things for each of us to consider.
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