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Re: Public Rifle Ranges Got to love them

Originally Posted by Cowboy_mo View Post
Only public range I have used is operated by conservation dept. They staff it with volunteers but it is tightly controlled. The cross shooter mentioned by the OP would be promptly ejected from the range as well as the yahoo who wants to handle his weapon during a cease fire.
Same here. I really only have 2 gripes with mine. They have a 3 seconds between shots rule which I find rather annoying, but possibly enforced due to my second gripe. Since it's public, there's no qualifications to go there. I've found it best to avoid it completely the week before deer season. I once heard a RO teaching one the most basic functions of his firearm. I'm not an expert myself, but you should at least know how to load your weapon and which end the bullets come out of...
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