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The way I look it at, a gun that chambers the .357 sig shoots a round that is the same size as a 9mm with more recoil, more flash, while having less capacity. I am in the school of thought that a couple hundred FPS is not going to save my butt. I can put shots on target quicker and with more accuracy with a 9mm than I can with a .357 sig.

It's like the old .308 vs 30-06 argument for hunting. Both rounds at similar distances can accomplish the same exact thing with the same exact results. Sure at longer distances the 30-06 has a slight advantage, as does the .357 sig having a flatter trajectory, but when you are talking about using them both at the same distance, the difference is negligible. If you like the .357 sig that's fine, it's a great round, but 9mm fits my needs better.

But again, most citizens are not into guns. Hence even the .380 and .32 are still popular!
So because I often carry a .380, I guess that automatically means I am not into guns.

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