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There are a whole lot of happy Kimber folks out there or they wouldn't be the top-selling brand year after year. I really like my CII. I've had it about a year. The ONLY thing I don't like about it is that you have to knock the rear sight off to remove the Swartz firing pin block in order to get the firing pin out. I could solve the problem by having the FP block removed, but I prefer to have it there. Every now and then you read a post about someone who dropped a 1911 and it went off. Or a hammer slips out from under a thumb and causes an accidental discharge. As long as I am careful to not depress the grip safety AT ALL while uncocking my CII, the FP block will keep it from firing, at least in theory.

I'm hoping I can take care of the powder residue build-up that takes place in any FP chamber with a good douching with solvent every now and then. And since I shoot only a few hundred rounds per year, it may be 20 years or more before the residue would build up enough to be a problem.

And it is pretty simple for a smith to knock the sight off, clean the FP and chamber and put the sight back on. Either way, it is worth it to me to retain the FP block.

I don't worry about the fact that my old Colt does not have a FP block, but neither would I remove one from a gun that had it. I say this because if you buy the CII you will have umpteen people telling you that you simply MUST remove the "stupid firing pin block." As with any pioneers (Kimber pioneered the serious use of the Swartz FP block, though Colt put it in a few guns several decades ago), Kimber's Swartz system has a lot of critics.

If you buy read the manual carefully, especially p. 15 which tells you to be careful to not depress the grip safety when removing or replacing the slide, and that can damage the Swartz system.

So yes, there is some controversy, but I would not let it stop me from buying another Kimber. I think ALL 1911's are over-priced, but then I'm not putting in the hours to make them. $800 new is a good price at your local gunshop.
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