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well at my range the lanes are not clearly defined so I can understand confusion of people firing at the wrong paper, I've even seen it done during CMP shoots. there are also limited posts past 100 yards so it is not uncommon to have to shoot diagonally across the range to hit the targets at 200, 300, 400 and 500 meters.

now if I was at 25 yards and some rat Bastard 3 lanes down tagged my target you can bet I'd go straight to the ROs and get him kicked off the line and there is a red line that all shooters must stay behind and guns must stay forward of during cease fire, any willful violations result in expulsion from the range.

there is a big difference between a simple mistake and willful disregard for other peoples safety and property. which are we ranting about? if it's the latter I completely agree with you but if it's the former then I say no big deal.
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