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Public Rifle Ranges Got to love them

Maybe this belongs somewhere else, but I just wanted to vent...

Is it just me or do other people have problems with stupid people at their ranges? The biggest problem I encounter is just about every time I go to one of the public ranges theres always some idiot that thinks they have the right to just shoot across the range at a angle hitting other peoples targets namly mine... It seems like common sense to me that you should only shoot straight out in front of YOUR bench ONLY and not shoot diagonal across the range. Am I expecting too much from my fellow shooters? Another thing people don't get is that when the range is called "COLD" you don't play with or reload your gun, hell I wont even touch my gun until the range is called "HOT" again. I know its a public range and thats what you have to deal with, but I just expect to much I guess.....
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