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Carry at Work

Originally Posted by Tennessee Gentleman View Post
Yeah but like the choice of eat or starve it's not a real one. At least as far as the issue I am addressing.
That's a false dichotomy too. Those aren't the only two choices.
No one in 21st Century America ever starved to death unless by choice. Frankly, no one goes hungry or homeless, except by choice.
I have, in fact, quit a good paying job, while my wife was on fertility treatments even, because the owner of the business was a lying, cheating thief.
We had to sell our house and we lost an investment property through short sale.
It was the right thing to do.

We don't have to be perfect to encourage right choices. Any of you guys ever make an unsafe mistake with a gun? I'll bet every one of you has. Do you still encourage and insist on safe gun handling by yourself and others or do you not bother, since you'd be a hypocrite?

Moving doesn't have to be expensive either. I helped my sister move across several states, twice, and she was stone broke both times. She managed.

There are a lot of choices.
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