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Craig Luna
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My wrists are not squishy yet (had operations on both, not gun related).
I can understand how recoil can bother the wrists of many but like every "vigorous" activity in sports, lack of conditioning can usually be found to be the root of the problem.

If you box or lift weights, you will mind much more stress on your wrists than the big pistols give.

The only time recoil bothers me is if the gun doesn't fit my hand. Some factory loads in my favorite 44 (PC629Vcomp) bother me more than Casull + loads in the 44SuperRedhawk. This is not because of the "recoil" perse but rather the result of the cylinder release 'nicking the major knuckle of my thumb.

Well let me qualify this a little. If I haven't shoot a big boomer in a few weeks I will exhibit a little flinch. However, after a couple of cylinders I'm back to the state of mind of "ignoring" the recoil and concentrating soully on the front sight. Unlike others responding to this thread, I find my groups improve during the shooting session (until I have to strain my shoulder holding the pistol up in the air that is).


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