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Now Brian seems a bit more rigid than you both, but I think we (Frank, Tom and I) may have a serious case of agreement going on here?
This is the internet. Perish the very thought.

It also seems that both of you seem to not think Mr. Cothran was dishonest in ignoring a company policy and are happy with the outcome (not sure about his being fired).
Actually, my feelings on his situation are ambivalent. He did what he felt he had to.

While I won't condone dishonesty, I'd be a hypocrite if I condemned it. I've been in Mr. Cothran's position, and I've made a similar decision. There was no moral aspect to it, merely a pragmatic one.

Had I been caught and fired, so be it. I made my choice. However, that did involve subtle dishonesty, and I'd certainly have had no right to ride the drama llama around proclaiming my integrity.

Likewise, I don't like bans on employee carry, but I can certainly understand the unfortunate circumstances that lead to such bans.
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