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Your post is an example of the sort of gun culture PC that clouds people's thinking.

Just because a gun grabber observes that some people shouldn't be trusted with firearms doesn't make the observation false. It is true. It just doesn't matter if it is true because a right supersedes even a practical truth.

Just reading this board for a few weeks would convince me that the average gun enthusiast is fairly unlikely to be a practical minded, well trained and smart weapon user. Since an employer isn't providing gun training, how does he satisfy his moral obligation to provide a safe environment when many CCW people are so obviously idiots???

Owners have a larger moral responsibility to everyone that comes onto their property. It is PC nonsense that they should just trust that any boob they hire can be expected to handle a weapon responsibly and competently. And I'm just talking about NDs, not shoot outs.

It's no different than having untrained people running the forklift. What sort of idiot owner is going to allow that?
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