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Originally Posted by Frank Ettin
What basically troubles me is the sweeping characterizations of an employer's "no guns for employees" policy as immoral, and an employee's choice to ignore it as moral.
Well that is not my position but I was negligent in not articulating it better. As I replied earlier to AMP 44 I worked a job where we were guarded and I would not have thought of carrying there. Sorry I did not lay that out. The instances I am speaking of involve low income folk in jobs with no real choice of changing out and are working in a dangerous area where the company does little or nothing to mitigate the risk. The OP is the example I meant not in every case.

Originally Posted by Frank Ettin
And businesses pay some pretty fancy premiums for that insurance.
Not really fancy. Normal. I used to sell the stuff and it is a cost of doing business. Actually, one is rather foolish to operate a business without it.
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