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If one of you wants to carry at work, and you get the owner to agree to allow carry at work, are the employees going to pay for any lawsuit settlement should something bad happen because of your concealed weapon?

With all the morality talk on this thread, no one has really said anything about why an employer should hang their butt out for the mental comfort of the employees.

Concealed carry accidents can and do happen. There's a thread about one right now on the semi board. Normally, if I screw up with my firearm, I am the one responsible. But when I do something stupid that I was essentially allowed to do at work, the responsibility falls into the lap of the person with the most money to lose - the business owner where the ND happened.

All it takes is one foolish person with questionable carry habits or a bad pistol or holster to financially ruin a business. Should it really be a surprise to anyone that most business owners don't want to embrace that additional risk???

What is the morality of subjecting your employer to all that unshared risk?

This just doesn't seem any different than an employer who doesn't enforce OSHA regulations just because his employees don't want to wear filter masks or hardhats. The employees' feelings don't translate into any sort of protection of the business.

I'm not saying that you should be helpless at work, but no one is talking about a business's right to mitigate their own risk.

I doubt most gas station owners view their $9 an hour employees as the type of people that are likely to always make great life decisions.
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