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Originally Posted by thedudeabides View Post
I don't like the term "combat pistol," it's just a BS marketing term to sell black guns with night sights, tacticool rails, extended mags and grabby grips at a premium to mall ninjas.
Like it or not, the term "combat pistol" has been around longer than most of us, and isn't going to go away. Some classic handguns even have the word "Combat" as part of their name. Combat handguns existed before there were rails, extended mags, grabby grips, OR mall ninjas.

Personally, I mostly use the term "duty" or "service" class for guns intended for uniform holster wear by police & military.

Exactly! There's no reason you can't go into combat with a Taurus PT-22, a Phoenix HP25A, or a Desert Eagle in your drop leg holster! All pistols are made for combat!
"All pistols are made for combat!" ?? Really? Its tough to tell, but I really hope this is sarcasm. Because if it isn't, you just lost a LOT of creditability.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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