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couldbe, the single action revolver would probably work for you as you mentioned. One of mine is a stainless Ruger Blackhawk .357/9MM convertible. Easy to manipulate and very soft to shoot with .38 Spcl. ammo. It is heavy though. Some DA revolvers can be tuned for a very light DA pull, and of course have the SA option. In autos, I found the pre B CZ '75s to have very light recoil springs,and the slides were very easy to cycle. I don't know about current production CZs. Also, some 9MM 1911s come with 10# recoil springs and, like the CZs, have slides that are very easy to cycle. I have 1911s in chambered in 9MM, and in my old age, shoot them more than anything else I own. Many other excellent guns that would probably fit the bill will be mentioned, but these are a few that I have personal experience with..ymmv
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