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meh with enough time anyone can make the 'facts' work in their favor. I'm sure with enough digging you could find plenty of issues with all those guns.

Also when a gun works perfectly fine day in and day out, often times you'll never hear one word of praise for it.

But if it stovepipes once on a sunny day at the range after 2,000 rounds of ammo... CAN I TRUST MY LIFE TO THIS GUN?!

Heaven forbid something actually breaks on it. I've seen so many perfectly good firearms traded in after a common part finally gave way. Just can't trust it. Or some nonsense.

Everything man made is imperfect and prone to breakage, I feel its not so much the gun itself that defines a 'good' gun but perhaps the company behind it. Who make sure their customer is taken care of. Uses a bit more costly materials on important parts, and if they totally make a lemon or drop the ball aren't afraid of admitting it and making it up to you. Do companies need to do these things? No. But if feel that's what separates the goods from the greats.
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