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Should I trade? 1911 for FAL?

I have a 99% stainless Springfield TRP with 2 mags and walnut checkered grips.

Other person has a DSA SA58 16.25" barrel, carry handle cut receiver, 3 mags, bipod, DSA weaver scope mount, and cheap scope. Seller says it's in very good condition, and the pics support that. I think it's a paratrooper. How can I tell? Are all the short ones paras? How is the recoil and flash on at 16" barrel? Forearm appears NON-ported triangular, with horizontal grooves that run the length. I've never seen these. Again, non-ported. Buttstock is non-humpback. Is that any good, or would it need replacing? Grip is similar to SAW, but not exactly.

I'll likely dump the bipod, and not use the scope (for this anyway). So those aren't worth much to me. More concerned really about the rifle, and I might put an EOTECH or similar retical on it.

I have several 1911s, and while I love this TRP and it's among my best 1911s, it's a safe queen and never gets out to the range.

I have a longer FAL, and it's among my top favorite battle rifles (tied with the M1A really). They were recently $1400 at AIM, and are $1400-1500 on Gunbroker at the moment.

I'm more of a practical guy anyway, and typically give the nod to a battle rifle over a less-than-practical handgun.

I think I'd place the value of the TRP around $1500, right around the same as the FAL. Can anyone chime in to tell me if they agree or disagree.

It comes down to what I prefer, I know. And I'd prefer the FAL. I just don't want to take a hit financially and make a dumb trade, rather than just selling the handgun and buying a DSA and coming out ahead money-wise.

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