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My wife can shoot about anything, but she can't rack most semi-autos with her pre-arthritic hands. She purchased a Sig P-238. It has, in my eyes, enough stopping power for her, as a Realtor, and is amazingly easy for her to rack the first time and every time. The 5.5 pound trigger pull helps a lot too,

I hand load really soft loads for her to practice with, easy on her hands, but she regularly shoots her SD +P Ammo too. I've loaded a few rounds that won't fully cycle the gun, so she will get a stovepipe once in a while. She can immediately clear the stoppage and continue shooting with no struggle and 100% consistency. (Reloaders: these light rounds are not light enough to produce a squib)

Check out the P238. Its not inexpensive, but it's a sweet little weapon.

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