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Which combat pistols does everyone agree have no issues?

It often seems like there is a lot of argument about whether certain brands or models are problem guns or not. But some guns seem to almost never get that sort of criticism. All brands are susceptible to an occasional failure or lemon, but which ones have you never really heard of a bad quality trend?

To be clear, I'm just talking about quality - gun works as designed and doesn't tend to break, jam or shed parts while firing. Not whether you like the gun, features, etc.

Off the top of my head, with no particular bias:
The original stamped slide Sigs. P210.
Metal framed Ruger P series.
Wilson, Les Baer.
3 and 4 digit S&W metal framed autos.
Beretta/Stoeger Cougar.
9mm and 10mm Glocks.
Arcus HPs.

I hope this doesn't devolve into a debate about why Taurus, Kimber or Colt are being unfairly maligned. I just thought it would be fun to build a list of universal winners in the quality department. Please nominate to the list or mention your reason you think a model shouldn't make it. (EG; Beretta 92 locking block failures, M&P trigger failures, kaBooms, etc.)

Just keep in mind that some things, like Glock .40 kBs are hotly contested, but since 9mms Glocks aren't, that might qualify them for the list. We're looking for the guns no one even argues about there being a problem or not.

It is possible that there will be nothing left on this list when we're through, but I've honestly never heard anyone raise an issue with a Cougar, for instance.

Fair 'nuff? Let's hear about 'em!
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