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When you get your new one sell it and buy a gun that doesn't do that?
Not all 92 series pistols have this occur. In fact I searched the internet and was not able to come across a single other case similar to mine. I have faith that the pistol they send me will be fine and I am going to chalk this up as a freak incident and leave it at that. What happened to this particular gun is not normal wear for the Beretta 92 series pistols. If you read the comments in this thread several users posted saying they have hundreds or even thousands of rounds through their Beretta with no sign of this type of damage. To assume just because it happened to this pistol means it happens to all M9/92's is just not the case. If every time I read about someones pistol failing, breaking, or having to be sent back to the factory for repair and assumed it happens to every one I probably wouldn't own any of the guns I do. I have had to send pistols back to Sig, Ruger, S&W, and now in this case Beretta. Every time I got a gun back it performed the way it should without any problems.

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