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Dragline, makes a good point...locking up your guns when leaving the house...the trouble here on the farm is that there's usually several out and ready and it's a royal PITA to put them away....that said, #2 son lost $4000+ worth of high grade Colts to a home invasion a cpl months ago...his 8 month's pregnant wife and 1 yo baby returned from a :30 trip to the grocery to find the front door kicked in. They live on a farm like we do and no other house is in sight, making it an obvious target.

So what's the whole story. Son's known in the area as a safe in the house, lot's of friends and hangers on to many BBQ's there, had work done on his house in the last 6 months....lot's of people had the opportunity to case the house. They were just lucky she wasn't home when it went down.

Their answer is this: got a home alarm system and key pad entry, posted as such in the front and back yards, all doors locked when home or away, touch pad gun safe's in kitchen and bedroom, bolted down. AND NOW THEY BOTH CARRY IN THE HOUSE. The county police responded in :25 minutes....25 MINUTES TO A PREGNANT WOMAN'S CALL FOR HELP. That's the best they could do from ten miles away....

We all get complacent, me too...I"ve changed the way we store, use and guard our guns....think of it as insurance, like keeping a fire extinguisher around, using a screen in front of the fire place, keeping our farm gates closed and latched...common sense stuff, but easy to overlook...

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