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I have pretty messed up hands, too many years of working on cars, fighting with drunks when I was a bouncer, and getting my hands chilled from holding a cold handrail to the point I could barely move them afterwards have caused a lot of wear and tear. That handrail deal was about 32 years ago, and my hands were never the same since that night at Irwindale Raceway. Both my thumbs have "trigger finger", and pop loudly sometimes. It's a rare day my hands don't hurt anymore. I did a minor job unpacking some radio antennas a few hours ago, and they are throbbing pretty badly while I'm typing this. Between my neck, back, knees, shoulders, and hands, I'm a mess. It's not a big deal when I shoot, unless it's a gun with a lot of recoil. A few shots, and I hurt for days. Since all these problems run in my family, I always expected to get them.
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