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Stoeger Cougar - I have one
Rock Island Armory - my next purchase
Bersa - Have one

CZ 82 and 83 - I have them though the 83 was purchased new.

Everyone has their likes and dislikes and they are not necessarily based on fact or rational. I know Ruger, Glock and S&W make excellent firearms but I do not care for them and I couldn't verbalize why.

Handle some of the suggestions and pick what feels best and speaks to you. Also a handgun you like may not be the best one for you. I love Sigs but they don't fit my smallish hands as well as a CZ. As a consequence I have three CZ's and no Sigs.

Just my two cents, and I probably don't have near the experience as most of the posters on this thread.

One I forgot to add is a Tanfoglio though I don't know if they are in your price range.
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