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not all instructors are smart with revolvers. not all instructors know the difference between smokeless and black powder.. yes i know it does happen.

Just for basic getting your revolver into use, and accuractly go find a copy of the clint smith / thunder ranch 2 dvd show. Its really pretty good and focuses on what really does count.

alot of things come down to this small fact thats easy to overlook.

proper grip, trigger control, sight control and line up, take time to master on their own. And they take alot more time to master together.

anyone can chew gum or walk. not everyone can chew gum and walk at the same time.

its easy to read a book, or watch a person/video and get the basic idea but YOU the shooter has to actually put it into a way your body works.

example arthritis or bad wrist wont let you work the release like the video guy does, you have to learn a new way to get that cylinder open.
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