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A Ghost Story

This is taken from Mrs. Hill's Journal - Civil War Reminiscences. Sarah Jane Full Hill was married to First Missouri Volunteer Engineer Regiment's Maj. Eben Marvin Hill. The following is from pages 323-25.

A rather singular circumstance happened during that winter which was always an unsolved puzzle, but which I have never laid great stress on for I am not a believer in the mysterious or occult. One evening I received a call from Dr. Knower, who was then living in St. Louis, practicing medicine. I was not going out or seeing anyone outside the family, but he very much wanted to see me and I received him. I thought it was strange he did not bring his wife for we were very good friends, but thought he might have some message for me from E.M. (Eben Marvin Hill). We talked and talked about mutual friends and the previous summer, and I wondered what he had come for and was a little embarrassed, and he seemed to grow so too. About ten o'clock, time to go hoe, he said, "Well, Mrs Hill, what can I do for you?" I looked at him in amazement and asked him what he meant. He replied, "Didn't you send for me?" "No, I had not thought of doing so." Then he explained that a man had come into his office that afternoon and asked him to come and see me that evening. I asked him if he knew the man, and he replied he had never seen him before and supposed he was some relative, for he gave my address and said I was living with my mother. The doctor asked him his name and he said, "George Full." I jumped at that. "Why doctor, are you sure?" "Yes," he said, "Very sure, for it was such a peculiar name I asked him again and he repeated, "George Full," and seemed very anxious and worried and I thought from his manner, you must be ill so I promised to come and see you this evening." "Doctor, do you know that George Full is the name of my father, and he has been dead in Bellafontaine cemetery for three and a half years?" We were both bewildered and aghast. I asked him to describe the man and he said he was was a man of middle age between fifty and sixty, clean shaven face, blue eyes, was rather thin and of medium build. "In fact, Mrs. Hill, you very much resemble him and that was why I thought he was a relative." That was my father's description, and we gazed at each other in some consternation. At last I said it surely could not be a joke. He thought not. The man seemed so evidently in earnest and very anxious, and his age and manner would preclude the idea of a practical joke. I knew the doctor was such an earnest serious-minded man who never joked and was always honest and upright. I told him it seemed as though my father had been to see him, because he was a friend, but it was all beyond me. I did not understand it. Neither did he, and it has always remained an unsolved puzzle, one of the things past finding out. It left a deep impression on my mind and I thought much about it for a while. Of course I explained to the doctor I had not sent for him and was as much confused about the matter as he was. he made considerable effort to trace the man, but never saw or heard him again. There was no George Full in the directory and no one of the name of Full in St. Louis except my mother and her family. It was very mysterious and I tell of it here because it was unusual.
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