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I have osteoarthritis. I've had carpal tunnel release surgery on both hands and thumb joint reconstruction on both hands. Both surgeries were done at the same time on one hand. Months later they were both done on the other hand. The first couple of days after the surgeries were extremely painful. Prior to the surgeries I had very little grip and was dropping things frequently. I was worried that I would not be able to install and climb tree steps to hunt deer from tree stands. The surgery was not a cure for osteoarthritis but it provided a lot of relief. I continue to hunt deer from tree stands with a bow and firearms. My strength of my grip is not as good as it was before the onset of the arthritis, but I can still shoot handguns. A very good "fit" is very important for me with handgun grips. "Ugly" Hogue rubber grips are very helpful. I still shoot handguns ranging from a Ruger LCP .380 to a S&W 629 .44 Mag with an 8 3/8" barrel. My favorite is my Ruger Mk II stainless bull barrel .22.
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