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Books and online videos are VERY useful and I like them a lot but if you are totally in the dark about firearms the BEST (IMhO) method of getting educated would be to have a real live person show you how it's done.

If you're going to go to a range to shoot then easy-peasy, sign up for a class. If you're a rural resident I bet you have friends or relatives that shoot and pick one you trust and get them to show you how to shoot. (Then go take a class anyway.)

The down side to face to face instruction is you have to admit your ignorance to another person. The up side is you only have to do it once and you'll be able to ask questions and (once again IMhO) there's is NO substitute in shooting for having someone actually showing you how to do it.

As a pLus, being an uneducated person to the shooting world you won't have a lot of bad habits that will have to be unlearned (and any instructor will appreciate this-and a good attitude).
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