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Vance, you are O.K., there are reloader with years of experience that have no clue. I said I have dies that are do-nut making machines, I form do-nuts without firing a case. Others claim they form do-nuts when they fire the case. Others claim the angle of the shoulder encourages and or discourages do-nuts. Reloaders with worlds of experience have not experienced everything, others claim they forgot and not remember. R. Lee made reloading sets, seems the sets were labeled target sets. Worth the money, the sets included a neck reamer (do not forget to lube the neck). the die included was not a full length sizer die, it was a neck sizer die.

Do-nuts and bad habits. Pushing the donut out with the sizer plug, there is mono thinking and plural thinking as in keeping up with two thought at the same time. Pushing the donut out and back works the brass at the shoulder/neck juncture, continuing the bad habit can result in neck separation, ‘WARRANTY?’ Yes, when it brakes you get to keep both pieces. Then there is the love affair with collet dies. Like magic, the case seems to float while the neck is perfectly returned to the exact size and trimming is no longer necessary. And I wonder while the case is being supported the neck gets stuffed down causing the case to wad up between the shoulder and neck, again causing a donut, my opinion, that is not a donut, it is a flaw in the design.

I ask” It it stretch? Is it flow? or is it stretch and flow? I have never found a case with skid marks.

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